It is our honour to introduce to you the talented Mr. Boddington! He was born with deepest aubergine ink on his thumbs, quite literally. The shocked nurse nearly dropped the newly born Master Boddington on his head. His first correspondence was sent from an island in the South Pacific at the age of five. And as a young adult he apprenticed with the Russian Tsar Nicholas’ correspondence court. These days, Mr. Boddington owns a vintage Capri fishing yacht and drinks Bombay gin and tonics while eating bread with orange marmalade. It’s our pleasure to know one so seasoned in the art of corresponding. We’re sure once you catch a glimpse of this work, you‘ll agree. In these extravagant invitations, you’ll see monograms, wall papers, linings, and classic stock paired with contemporary ideas, all exquisitely letterpressed. But don’t take our word for it, come see his collection for yourself.